Serum Biochemistry of West Africa Dwarf Goats Fed, Some Browse Species Supplemented with a Concentrate Diet.

Sixteen West African dwarf bucks) were allotted into four (4) treatments of four goats each. The goats were fed leaves fromGmelina, (Gmelinaaborea) Tamarind, (Tamarindusindicus, Neem (Azadirachtaindica) and Teak (Tectonagrandis) at 300g/goat/day forTreatments 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively and a concentrate supplement diet at 100gper goat/dayfor a duration of thirty five (35) days. The experimental design was a completely randomized design, data were analysed using a one way analysis of variance and least significant difference to separate the significant means. Concentrate and browse samples were analysed using the methods of AOAC, the blood samples for serological studies were collected in sample bottles from the jugular veins of the goats, using needles and syringes. Values for daily supplement intake (75.33 – 94.43g), daily browse intake (134.22 – 245.44g) and total daily feed intake (225.53 – 339.87g) were significantly different at 5% level, values for urea (0.84 – 1.38Mmol/l), cholesterol, (4.83 – 6.02) creatinine (16.00 – 18.50mol/l, and blood sugar (38.96 – 44.32mg/dl) were significantly different, alkaline phosphate values ranged from 56.93 – 58.20 and were not significantly different. It was therefore concluded that the four browse species were saf e for the goats, nutrients in the concentrate diets and the four browse species were adequate for the goats. Gmelinaarborea was the most preferred by the goats in terms of intake, The four browse species were therefore recommended for goat feeding especially during the long dry season. Further research using other breeds and classes of goats as well as other species of ruminants such as sheep and cattle was also recommended. Keywords: Serum, Bio-chemistry, Fed Intake, Concentrate, West African Dwarf Goats, Browse To cite this article: Oyibo Amina, Efienokwu Jude, Shettima Ibrahim, Umar Abdullahi Yaro, Ahmed, Hassanatu Sule, Emmanuel Amanabo Theophilus, Adamu Abdulmajid Tsobaza. Serum Biochemistry of West African Dwarf Goats Fed, Some Browse Species Supplemented with a Concentrate Diet.

  • Authors Name: Oyibo, A. , Efienokwu, J. , Shettima, I. , Umar, A.Y. , Ahmed, S.H., Emmanuel, A.T and Adamu, A.T. (2020). Animal and Veterinary Sciences. 8(2): 41-44. http// doi: 10:11648/j.avs.20200802.11. ISSN:2328-5842(PRINT);ISSN.2328-5850(ONLINE).

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