International Journal of Human Development, Arts Science and Engineering . Entrepreneurship and Poverty Alleviations

Nigeria as a nation is faced with plethora of economic needs; however, the most crucial is the provision of employment for her teeming populace. Full employment would alleviate poverty and cushion social vices. Government must recognise that they are not to create jobs but to provide enabling environment for entrepreneurial development. This paper examines how Entrepreneurship can be repositioned to meet the current economic needs in Nigeria. One of the major problem in this country is unemployment which has given rise to poverty, consequently this paper is focused on repositioning entrepreneurship to alleviate poverty. Literature relating to the phenomena understudied were reviewed accordingly. Descriptive methodology was adopted for this study and the paper concludes on the note that government has to adopt measures to increase the effect of entrepreneurship on poverty alleviation in order to tackle the diverse economic problems in Nigeria. It recommends that government should provide an enabling environment to ease the way of doing business especially provision of regular and adequate power supply and also good road network, that National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members should be made to acquire skills and funds made available to them to start-up their businesses, this would dissuade them from searching for jobs that are not forth coming and finally that entrepreneurs should channel their energies towards producing quality products.

  • Authors Name: Akwukwuma N., Dokai-Okonkwo N.C., Igbesi E. 2019.

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