The Application of Management by Objectives Principles in Academic Libraries Administration in Delta State

This study examined the extent of the application of MBO in Library Administration in Delta State. The study focused on the extent of the execution of Management by objective programmes in libraries, evaluation of library workers’ performance and ways library heads can help improve management by objectives in library administration. The sample size consisted of the all the 112 library workers in academic libraries in Delta North Senatorial district of Delta State. Frequency count and simple percentage were used in analyzing the data for the study. The findings of the study revealed that MBO programmes are not being executed at largest dates and that there is no periodic review of the performance of library workers to determine how far the objectives have been achieved. The study concludes that the non execution of programme based on MBO can lead to poor performance of library workers, improper planning and lack of achievement of results at the appropriate time and recommendations highlighted. The study recommends that policy makers should provide guidelines whereby the broad task areas in management can be integrated in the overall library objectives through the use of management objectives, newly library workers be encouraged to set for themselves a definite task to accomplished in a specific time, management by objective by used by the library heads to avoid subjective assessment minimum as well as encourage periodic review of the performance of library workers.

  • Authors Name: Aniogbolu, C. A.

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