Restructuring Library and Information Technology Services for Sustainable Development.

This paper deals with restructuring library and information technology services for sustainable development. It examines the modus operandi of public libraries in Nigeria and the roles of National Association of Library and Information Science Educators (NALISE), Nigerian Library Association (NLA), Librarians Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN) and other related bodies with a view to evaluating its present state of content as it affects societal development in Nigeria in this era of information and communication technology. The paper will therefore identify the inherent problems in the rendering of library and information services of public libraries to the society as well as proffer solutions to the identified problems and give recommendations that will reposition library and information technology services for sustainable development in Nigeria. Keywords: Restructuring Library Science, Services, Sustainable,

  • Authors Name: Aniogbolu, C. A. and Ejitagha, S.

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