The Place of Librarians and Libraries in the Promotion of Reading Culture in the Nigerian Child.

Reading involves a process of enquiry, exposing the facts behind the issues of human endeavor; it also brings out results and creativity. With the amazing benefits of reading less people benefit from this treasure for mankind. The paper highlights the place of the libraries in the promotion of the reading culture in Nigeria. With Nigeria as the nation in focus, it laments the neglect of its education sector including libraries over the years in terms of funding and inadequate infrastructure for human resource development. The paper also enumerates constraints to the improvement of reading culture. It enumerates the need for government and private individuals to contribute meaningfully to the structural development of libraries. It also x-rays how the percentage of illiterate in Nigeria can be influenced. Various ways of improving reading culture in Nigeria were suggested of which when implemented will enhance Nigerian economy and the political life of our great nation. Keywords: Libraries, Promotion, Reading Culture

  • Authors Name: Aniogbolu, C. A. and Olulu, Ejovi

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