Anaerobic Digestion Technology: An Underutilized Technology in Nigeria

In this work, we have attempted to simplify anaerobic digestion with the accompanying benefits such as environmental management strategy, energy recovery potential, and bio-fertilizer production capability. We have demonstrated that it is an appropriate technology that has gained and still gaining widespread attention. But the technology requires proper training and adequate knowledge, which will help to dispel fear of failure. For any reasonable biomass digestion project, certified engineers, masons,and plumbers, must be engaged. Adhering to construction manual and strict compliance with regulations, any nation can fully maximize the huge benefits that accrue from anaerobic digestion of organic substrate. Government and non-governmental organizations play significant roles in the areas of subsidies, incentives, and other relevant supports such as education and training through extension services. With the cooperation of all stakeholders in no too-distant future, the benefits of the technology could become fully utilized in Nigeria.

  • Authors Name: Affun O.B., Ashimedua O.G., Ikwuebene B.C., Emereje P.O., Kebodi C.L.

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