Chemical Composition and Quality Attributes of Meat from West African Dwarf Goats Fed some Browse Species Supplemented with a Concentrate Diet

Twenty (20) yearling west African dwarf goats were used in a study to determine the effects of some browse plants and a supplement diet on the chemical composition and some quality attributes of meat obtained from the goats The experiment lasted for 63 days after an adjustment period of 7 days, the goats were served water ad Libitum. Gmelina (T1), Tamarind (T2), Neem (T3) and Teak (T4) after wilting for 24 hours were fed at 300g/goat/day 2 hours before the concentrate. The supplement was fed at 100g /goat/day. At the end of the feeding trial three (3) goats from each treatment were slaughtered, bled, eviscerated and dressed and there after 60g of meat were cut from the thigh of each of the slaughtered goats and used for the determination of their chemical composition and quality attributes. The experimental design was a completely randomized design , significant means were separated using SPSS version 23.0, 2015 edition, samples of the meat, concentrate diet and the browse plants were analyzed for their proximate composition using the methods outlined by AOAC(2000). There were no significant (P<0.05) differences in the values for daily concentrate intake, ash, moisture, pHi and pHu. Total daily feed intake ranged from 252.50 – 386.00g, and were significantly (P<0.05) different. Fat content values ranged from 4.45 – 10.05%, and were significantly (P>0.05) different protein content values had a range of 18.40 – 23.15% and showed significant (P<0.05) differences values for drip loss, cooking losses, initial and ultimate pH were all significantly (P>0.05) different. The drip loss values ranged from 5.20 – 8.20%, while the cooking loss values were 18.00 – 23.75%, values for both parameters were significantly (P<0.05) different It was concluded that Gmelina (T1) produced goat meat with the best nutrients and quality parameters. Gmelina (T1) at 300g/goat /day as well as bambara nut waste and cereal spent grains based supplement diet were therefore recommended for feeding yearling West African dwarf goats for improved meat quality. Keywords: Concentrate, Browse, Diets Meat, West African Dwarf Goats.

  • Authors Name: Ocheja, J., Yahaya, B., Bukola, O.A., Egbunu, G., Amidu, M and Efienokwu, J.N. (2021). Scholars Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science. 8(5): 59-63. ISSN 2348–8883 (Print) | ISSN 2348–1854 (Online) Journal homepage:

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